Tom DeLonge’s claims about UFOs are now being supported in the mainstream media, a new report concludes. The former Blink-182 frontman has spent years alleging that the U.S. government knows aliens exist and may even have made use of non-Earth technology. He also recently established an academy of arts and sciences called To the Stars in order to publicize these findings and use the information to help humanity.

A recent bombshell report by the New York Times included details from a video released by To the Stars, which the academy said confirms that UFOs are real. Writer Jason Koebler compared the story’s contents to comments from DeLonge's podcast interview with Motherboard from two years ago and concluded that two of DeLonge's five central claims were now verified, two were alluded to and only one remained unconfirmed in the Times article.

The supported statements were that the U.S. Department of Defense has a UFO program and that “high-ranking [U.S. Department of Defense] staff like to talk about UFOs at bars.” The argument that “the Pentagon doesn’t tell us about UFOs because they are dangerous” was “suggested by Pentagon officials” while the assertion that “the Department of Defense has alien technology” was also “hinted at” by the Times, according to Koebler. Only DeLonge’s claim that “abductions are real and have some sort of medical component” remains under review.

The Times quoted ex-Pentagon UFO chief Luis Elizondo, who recently joined DeLonge’s To the Stars academy. Summing up his findings, Koebler wrote: “DeLonge has hinted at a long alien-technology arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. Nothing Elizondo said or the Times reported suggests we have enough evidence to confirm this. DeLonge also told us the ‘UFO phenomenon has to do with genetics’ and ‘the DNA of mankind,’ but would not elaborate on what that meant.

"It has been suggested by many people, however, that many UFOs may be military test planes or experimental technologies," Koebler added. "And there is, of course, a lot more that we don’t know, that remains classified, or that has only been hinted at by credible officials. The Daily host Michael Barbaro asked Elizondo: ‘Is this just a small percentage of what this program has documented and collected and seen?’ He responded: ‘Yes.’”

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