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When we picture “the holidays,” in our minds, we see families getting cozy by the fireplace, drinking eggnog, maybe some ugly sweater parties … basically a relaxing, blissful time. In reality, behind every Instagram post of happy holiday cheer, is the chaotic stress that got you there.

The planning, the shopping, more shopping (ugh, I hate shopping)! All of that on top of working double shifts to pay for it all! That is why I am telling you my little secret: LaVida Massage in Grand Blanc.

Not only is it a great place to relax and destress this holiday season, but they have the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Gift cards from LaVida aren’t the blow off gift cards you stuff in stockings. They are the BIG gift. Think about it. Do you want more crap lying around your house, or do you want to be able to relax with an hour-long massage?

LaVida Massage in Grand Blanc also has great skincare products and services. Personally, I am booking one of those Hydrafacials and a post-holiday massage to recover!

Right now, LaVida Massage is offering their 'Give a Gift Get a Gift' deal. Anyone who buys $100 in gift cards or more, gets a bonus $25 gift card themselves. Members get even bigger bonuses! You can buy the gift cards here or by stopping into LaVida Massage in Grand Blanc. Sign up for a membership while you’re there for even bigger bonuses and discounts year-round. Trust me, you'll be so happy you did.

So, that’s my secret! That’s how I win Christmas. Everyone on my list will be extremely happy with their $100 gift cards to LaVida, and I'll use my bonus to get a discount on a holiday massage myself. Happy Holidays!