If you are planning on hanging up outdoor Christmas lights this year, I suggest doing it today or tomorrow (if you have not already). I am typically not ready, or in the mood for Christmas until December 24th. But when it comes to weather like this, regardless if you have the holiday spirit or not - hang up your damn lights.

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There is no reason to wait for freezing temperatures. I can't think of anything less fun than attempting to untangle lights outside while wearing bulky gloves, a giant puffy winter coat, with snot dripping down my face the whole time. No thank you. I would much rather hang up lights while wearing a t-shirt and drinking a beer. Who's with me?

You do not even have to turn them on if you don't want to, just get the job done. I actually do have neighbors that keep lights on their houses year round. They are not necessarily Christmas lights, but they look nice. I have a few still on my deck from the summer (which will from here on out be referred to as Christmas lights).

Let me tell you, from someone who does not necessarily love Christmas, the time you put into your outdoor Christmas light display is appreciated. I do enjoy seeing a lit up house for the holiday's. Maybe because I too enjoy being 'lit up'?

Chances are with weather like this today, and a high of 76 tomorrow - it won't be hard to persuade your family or friends to help you hang your lights. Especially if there is beer involved. If that is the case, I will even help.

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