I couldn't be more excited that football season is back! Football is by far my favorite sport. For college, I root for the MSU Spartans- it's my alma mater! For football, it's the Lions and Bears.

Bleacher Report recently compiled a list of top 25 tailgating schools in the 2014 season. Michigan made the top 10, but they left Michigan State Out!

View the top 10 below. See you on the sidelines!

Bleacher Report's Top 10 Tailgating Schools in the 2014 Season:

1. Tennessee

2. Ole Miss

3. LSU

4. Texas A&M

5. Florida

6. South Carolina

7. Michigan

8. Georgia

9. Nebraska

10. Penn State

Other notables in the top 25: Ohio State (No. 16) and Notre Dame (No. 17). For the full list of 25, go here.