It's been a kick ass year of local rock on the Flint Town Throwdown. It was very tough to narrow the field of 91 songs from 73 bands on all 35 rounds of the show that happened this year, but we did and now we begin counting down the top 13 tunes of the year.

Songs and their place on the list were determined by a number of factors -- amount of votes for the song, biggest response from being played on air, most requested by listeners and, because it's our show, the ones we liked the best.

  • 13


    They Call Us Imposters [audio://|titles=They Call Us Imposters - 12-21-12]
  • 12

    'Find My Way'

    'My Perfect Nightmare' [audio://|titles=My Perfect Nightmare - Find My Way]
  • 11

    'Life of the Party'

    Society Kills [audio://|titles=Society Kills - Life of the Party]
  • 10

    'This Way'

    Frequency 54 [audio://|titles=Frequency 54 - This Way]
  • 9


    Shudder [audio://|titles=Shudder - Change]
  • 8

    'Perfect World'

    Plush Deathly [audio://|titles=Plush Deathly - Perfect World]
  • 7

    'She Likes To'

    Shock Wave [audio://|titles=Shock Wave - She Likes To]
    MG Nader Photography via Shock Wave
  • 6

    'Status Update'

    Sick Smile [audio://|titles=Sick Smile - Status Update]
  • 5

    'We Are Dead'

    The Mud Suns [audio://|titles=The Mud Suns - We Are Dead]
  • 4

    'Soggy Puzzle'

    Last Summer [audio://]
  • 3

    'Let Me Panic'

    Crackjaw [audio://]
  • 2

    'I'm So F---ing Romantic'

    Ana [audio://]
  • 1

    'My Pet Monster'

    Mercy Beach [audio://]