You can do a lot of things on the internet, but that doesn't always mean that you should. Indian Land, South Carolina was possibly going to change its' name and turned to the people for suggestions. 

After asking for name suggestions, the trolls came out to play. As you would expect, the names that they received as suggestions were not the best or even serious for that matter. Some of the suggestions included Pooptown, Shanetown, and my favorite, Smallville.Those were just some of the tame ones. Pantsoffville, Idiot Land, Kissmybuttburg, and Dufus, were also in the running.

With that said, I could only imagine what people would come up with if one of the cities or towns around this area had to change its' name. I even thought about asking everyone to send in names to rename Flint, but I feel there is no way that would end up to be a positive thing.

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