Everyone has probably seen an unusual message from one of your Facebook friends and may not have realized their account was hacked until it was too late. I've been through this a few times, so I decided to have some fun with it -- see my exchange with a hacker here.

Here's a few things you should know about assessing whether or not a friend's Facebook account is hacked.

  • It usually starts with a direct message with something like "Hey (your name) how are you."
  • Often it will jump right into a call to action/link on the next message. Some are clever like "My mom saw some pictures of me on the internet and is real mad, somebody posted them here (link to some BS you shouldn't click will be here)" some are dumb and obvious like the one below.
  • It's always a dead giveaway if someone you rarely talk to hits you up with unusual, yet vague friendliness.
  • Never click a link someone has sent you in a message until you can verify it is them. The easiest way to do that is ask them a question only they could know the answer to or ask them if they remember something that didn't actually happen. That should quickly smoke out any internet ninjas.

Now that you know those things, enjoy my recent exchange with one such hacker that wasn't very subtle or quick on his/her feet. The fact that they put an extra period in the url they wanted me to click so it wouldn't show a preview was a nice touch, but not nice enough. Dumb asses.

The owner of the account has been notified, their identity is concealed because I'm not a dick

Tree Riddle
Tree Riddle

If you're curious where my link went to, I'll post it here for you to click -----> http://bit.ly/1p8Sf5n <----- It really is the punchline to the whole thing and is not spam of any sort.

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