Executives from Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures are meeting with directors for a Twister sequel. As of now, they haven’t settled on anybody, but we do know a few potential additions to the team, which is hoping to go into production next spring. And, yes, the movie is called Twisters.

The sequel was penned by Mark L. Smith, perhaps most well-known for writing The Revenant. When Steven Spielberg at Amblin read the script, he immediately loved it. As a result, they fast-tracked it. Initially, Joseph Kosinski, known for Top Gun: Maverick was going to direct, but he got busy with a new Brad Pitt film. The following directors are currently under consideration: Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vaserhelyi, Dan Trachtenberg, and Travis Knight.

While this might sound like a weird film to reboot at first, it actually kind of makes sense. The original film had a really stellar showing at the box office. It made $495 million dollars globally, plus, it was the second-highest-grossing film of 1996. Just for some perspective there, 1996 was the year both Independence Day and Mission: Impossible came out. Independence Day was the only movie to top Twister at the box office that year.

Various sources have said that the hope for the plot of the film is to bring back original Twister star Helen Hunt as storm chaser Jo Harding. Unfortunately, the film’s other star, Bill Paxton, passed away in 2017. The movie would follow their daughter, who also takes a liking to the whole storm-chasing thing. Only time will tell exactly how that’ll pan out, but we can only hope it’s as much of a thrill ride as the original.

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