Fall is here and winter is around the corner. What type of Michigander are you?

Fall has arrived in Michigan and has begun to slowly eat away at our souls. It won't be long until good ole winter shows up to completely break our resolve and have us contemplating moving to a warmer climate.

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We deal with this every year, and when it comes to the elements there are two types of people in Michigan. No, I'm not talking about the winter fun time enthusiasts versus the freezing "I need to move" winter haters. My distinction is based on what you do when the seasons' attack.

What are the two types of Michiganders whom I speak of? Let me break it down.

#1 - Tidy, Clean It Up, Dispose of the Evidence, Michigander (The Daniel LaRusso)

This type of Michigander puts forth a lot of energy to rake up all of the leaves in their yard, bag them up, and put them on the road for pick up. This is also the same person that will wake up two hours early to shovel the driveway and clean off the cars. A seasonal warrior born to defend their home from the wrath of Old Man Winter.

#2 - Mow It Over, Drive It Down, No Mercy Michigander (The Johnny Lawrence)

This Michigander takes on the seasons in a more aggressive, Cobra Kai no-mercy, kind of way. When the leaves embark on their kamikaze mission from the trees above, they are quickly dispatched by the unforgiving blades of the mower where they are left in pieces on the battlefield as a warning to other leaves. Snow also meets a crushing death in the driveway with a few passes of the family truckster. The no-nonsense, path of least resistance Michigander might seem lazy to some, but is a hero to others.

So which type are you?

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