When you order an Uber for a ride you usually don't think that the driver would be someone you would know let alone your husband?

That is what a woman in South Carolina ran into over the weekend when she ordered an Uber after a night of going out. Reports say that the woman told her husband that she was going out with the girls, but when the Uber arrived she was shocked to find out that her husband was the driver. The husband was also in shock to find out that his wife was with another man. It gets even better.

The husband who was borrowing a friends car while being an Uber driver was also using a fake name to do so, which according to Uber is a big no-no. Having fake identities to be an Uber driver is against company policy.

Different stories are floating around on what happened after the two got into the car. One story is that the husband and lover started to throw down in the street, while police reports say that the wife and lover exited out of the vehicle as soon as the parties recognized each other. But the question that I am wondering is how was the rating? LOL

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