The vacant Lowe's building on Corruna Road may see some new life in the future.

The vacant building near Walmart on Corunna Road, formerly Lowe's, may get new tenants soon. Northgate, a supply chain services and packaging solutions company, is set to make a proposal about the building to the Flint Township Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday evening. The company plans to conduct warehousing, processing, and packaging in the building.

Northgate already has several locations in Genesee County. The corporate headquarters are located on Corunna Road at I-75. They have a supply chain service center on Dort Highway in Flint, along with an enrichment center on Lapeer Road in Flint.

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It is great to see something happening with that big ole vacant building. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. There are so many possible uses for a building like that.

Personally, if I had the money of course, I would but it and turn it into an adult "play place" if you will. You could section it off in so many ways. First and foremost, it would have to have a bar area. After that, I would just will it with things that I like to do. I would set up a portion of it for a few golf simulators, cornhole boards, frisbeer, and games like that. Another area would be a big concert stage for some live music. Another option would be adding an area for paintball or airsoft games. Now I just need a few million dollars to make this happen. Who wants to donate?

Source: ABC 12


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