Some terrifying footage recently surfaced after at least 20 people were injured on an escalator in Rome.

The video shows a packed escalator going down at a metro station when suddenly it speeds up, sending people trapped on the stairs tumbling at the bottom. These people which consisted of mainly soccer fans were slammed to the ground. Not only slammed to the ground but many were injured and I would have to imagine somewhat mangled on the buckled escalator track at the bottom. Plus, people were piled on top of each other. That whole thing looked so brutal.

According to NBC News, seven people were reported to have been seriously injured but none of the injuries were life-threatening.

It's funny (funny weird, not funny haha) because we always joke around about those escalator safety commercials you hear on the radio. Like, who in the hell really ever gets hurt on an escalator? Apparently a lot of people! This is the 3rd story I've heard in the last few months about people getting hurt on those things. Who knew?




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