As we are approaching the 25th Anniversary Bash, I arrived to work on Monday to a strange package containing a vintage gift.

With the Banana rocking Flint for 25 years, there is definitely a lot of history here and we've had a lot of great people work here over the years. Many of them have recently resurfaced in the last few weeks to reminisce about the past. While some of the former Banana Crew are still in the area, others have moved all over the country. We now have people in San Francisco, Detroit, St. Louis, Ohio, Maryland, Texas, and beyond.

On Monday, I received a package from San Francisco that contained a vintage gift. Over 20 years ago, a guy named Brian Figula, a.k.a. Fig, was a member of the Banana Crew and he decided to send us his vintage Banana 101.5 letterman jacket (pictured above.) With it, he sent a note that read:


Happy 25th Anniversary to the Banana. Enclosed is my promo jacket from the 90's. I keep saying "why do I still have this and what am I going to do with it?" I'll let you decide what to do with it.


  • Burn it
  • Sell on eBay - someone named Brian may want it
  • Email Brian Beddow (former Banana Program Director) to see if he wants it
  • Place a "Chris Monroe" patch over Brian and wear it to concerts and look like a badass
  • Christmas gift for Tony
  • Save it and pass it along 25 years later
  • Community Service. Provide to prostitute on Dort Hwy during the chilly winter months
  • Place in the Banana Museum that doesn't exist...yet.
  • Use as an award at the staff meetings. "This month the person going above and beyond to get the Banana jacket award is...Maggie."
  • Give it to Leigh from Pop Evil and tell him Fig (Brian) wanted you to have this
  • Keep it. Wear it. Conversation piece. Brian? Wait, what? Don't get it. 

Again, pass along my congrats on 25 years to the Banana posse. 

Rock on! 


We have had a great time over the last few weeks just reminiscing about our time here at the Banana and we are looking forward to hearing some of your favorite memories of the last 25 years. We will see you all this Friday night at The Capitol Theatre for the Banana 25th Anniversary Bash featuring Pop Evil!


And those of you that have been listening from the beginning understand why I included the Harry Belafonte video below.

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