Last week Virgin Galactic's new bad ass spaceship blasted at supersonic speed over California's Mojave Desert. This was the company's first successful test since the crash of its original rocketship in 2014 which ended up killing one of its two pilots.

According to WNEM, The flight of VSS Unity was a major step forward, said the company, which plans to carry tourists on suborbital hops into the lower reaches of space where they can see the Earth far below and the stars beyond.

This exciting news comes just days after hearing about the first ever luxury space hotel which is slated to open in 2022. That will be way out of our price range though as it will cost $9.5 million per person. Those that can afford it will have to train for like 3 months before taking their all-inclusive trip to space.

I think both stories are really exciting and get us closer and closer to major human space travel.

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