Things turned from bad to worse for Walls of Jericho drummer Dustin Schoenhofer during a traffic stop in Oregon this past week. The musician was initially stopped by police for speeding, but a search of his vehicle turned up a reported 632 pounds of marijuana.

According to Oregon's KTVZ, Schoenhofer was arrested this past Wednesday (Oct. 23) in Klamath Falls, Oregon. During the search, the marijuana was discovered in the back of a pickup truck. In addition, Oregon State Police reported discovering a butane honey oil extract.

Trooper Adam Miller said in his logged entry that he "smelled a faint odor of raw marijuana near the back of the truck," which had a canopy with the windows blacked out. That provided his probable cause for the search.

The drummer was arrested and booked on charges of exporting, possessing and distributing marijuana and the extract. “The driver stated he was going to Ohio with the truck but didn’t know the marijuana was in the back of it,” Miller wrote.

Schoenhofer joined Walls of Jericho in 2004, but didn't appear on an album until 2006's With the Devils Among Us All.

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