During the last couple of weeks, most stores have been struggling to keep things on the shelves. Now, Walmart is trying to keep up with demand by hiring 150,000 people.

The current level of demand for food and other items is huge due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you have even been near a big store like Walmart, you have seen first hand how packed they have been. In an attempt to keep up with that demand, Walmart plans to hire around 150,000 people on a temporary basis with some converting to permanent jobs.

These jobs will be in the stores, clubs, and fulfillment centers. Typically the hiring process at Walmart takes about two weeks, however, Walmart representatives say that will expedite that process down to 24 hours. With so many people without work right now, this is a great thing! If you or someone you know is looking for a job to make ends meet during this crisis, they can apply here. 

Good luck and stay safe out there!

Source: MLive

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