It is week number eight of the Banana Bad Golfers League at Swartz Creek Golf Course.

The golfing is getting intense on the Bad Golfers League! As my team just can't seem to get out of the middle of the pack, we have turned to an alternate strategy...talking as much smack as possible. So far, that's not working either.

Golf night is my favorite night of the week in the summer. This league wouldn't be possible without the support of the golfers on the league and the staff at Swartz Creek Golf Course. When it comes to having fun, enjoying some drinks, and enjoying the company of others, I would put this league up against any other.

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  • The 3 O'Clock Slot Division
    • First Place: Grand Blanc Lanes
    • Second Place: We're Just Here to Drink
    • Third Place: Par Johnson
  • The Left Ball Division
    • First Place: Pass the Pint
    • Second Place: Chicks 'n Sticks
    • Third Place: Assistant Greens Keepers
  • The Right Ball Division
    • First Place: Bogies & Stogies
    • Second Place: Fore Balls & Two Clubs
    • Third Place: Raison Hell
  • The Shaft Division
    • First Place: Tiger Would
    • Second Place: Stuff the Hole
    • Third Place: Smokin' Tees

It is going to be another hot one tonight so if you are on the league, make sure you drink some water. Even if you are not in the league, you can still come and hang out with us and enjoy some dollar beers and more on the patio of The Shot of the Day Bar & Grill right next to the clubhouse!

Also, big thanks to Walburgers for jumping on board with us as our latest prize sponsor for the league! We will see you all tonight!


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