Grand Blanc has some of the most beautiful homes, not only in Genesee County but throughout the state of Michigan.

Located in Grand Blanc's Pine Hollow Estates this almost 8,000 sq. ft home recently hit the market for $1,125,000. From the outside, it does have a really cool and unique castle vibe to it.

This place almost is like two homes in one. You'll notice the French country design throughout most of the house. However, the basement has an entirely different feel with a dance floor, stripper pole, sound system, and bar. Yes, the lower level is by far the coolest part of the house.

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Yes, There's a Dance Floor in This Home

Let's go back to that dance floor for a moment. The dance floor is made with hardwood floors, massive speakers, and even a stripper pole off to the side. There is also a lighting truss hanging above the dance floor, something I've never seen in a home before. Yes, the former owners of this place knew how to party and have a good time.

How Many Bedrooms and Bathrooms?

There are a whopping 9 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms located throughout the home. There are also two laundry rooms. You know you have a lot of house when you need two laundry rooms.

While this home is stunning from top to bottom. I'm personally not crazy about the French country decor throughout the main part of the house. There is simply too much of everything... everywhere.

Scroll through the photos below and check out the place including that dance floor area and movie theater room that I mentioned.

This $1.1M Home in Grand Blanc Gives Off Castle Vibes

This $1.1M home in Grand Blanc not only resembles a castle but also comes with a movie theatre, dance floor, stripper pole, interior sound system, 4 car garage with 2 additional spaces on lifts for parking/storage, and more.

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