The other day I was scrolling the super popular Michigan made 'Crap I Cooked in Quarantine' Facebook page, and saw what I thought was a strange sandwich combination. The sandwich was so simple, only 3 ingredients required (definitely in my skill level). Without further ado - it was an onion and mayonnaise sandwich.

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I tried to find the exact post, but that page is so popular, I gave up after scrolling for 10 minutes. I do recall reading that it is a favorite sandwich in Alabama. I cannot confirm or deny if that is true, but I did see some comments of people adding tomatoes to the sandwich as well.

To be honest, I will not be making a onion sandwich anytime soon - but I do recall eating banana and mayonnaise sandwiches as a kid. My parents did not make them for me and my sisters, but my grandmother did. I would not eat one now, but I certainly ate my fair share back in the day. These two sandwiches got me thinking about other odd food pairings that may surprise people and actually taste good.

I was going to title this article 'What Did You Used To Eat,That You Won't Eat Now?' - but I was afraid people would name their exes (wah wah). That being said, I am going with the angle of weird food combinations.

Tell me what foods you eat that typically don't go together, but are surprisingly delicious. In the meantime, be sure to check out 'Crap I Cooked in Quarantine' for meal ideas and additional recipe ideas.

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