I really wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this years team. With a new coach (Who we should have hired years ago) aging veterans and a core of young players. The Tigers are sitting just about where I thought they would be after the first quarter of the season having won 18 games with 22 losses. (40 games)

Now I am a fan and not claiming to be a baseball insider by any means but I am going to give the 2018 Tigers is a passing letter grade with a C+. The younger players have progressed a lot faster then I expected and being in the worst division in baseball helps.

Ending the year with a .500 record in the central division could, in fact, get the Tigers into the postseason. With injuries that will happen throughout the grueling year, we as fans will just have to wait and see how the team ends up at the end of the regular season. If we can stay around the .500 mark I would be happy and be looking to the future. #eatemuptigers

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