I noticed this Ziploc bag on Chris Monroe's desk last week. I could not really tell what was in it, I just assumed it was insulation. Now here we are, starting a new work week and the same baggie is still sitting on his desk, just not quite as full. I know Chris smokes a lot, so his taste buds may be dulled, but are they dull enough to eat insulation? Don't you think that is what it looks like?

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We are not supposed to touch other peoples things at work, so I did not lift up the bag, or open it. I am only assuming it is insulation, and that he is eating it. Do you think Chris is trying out for one of those weird shows on TLC, called 'I Am Addicted To Insulation'?

I Googled signs you ate and or ingested insulation, boy do these symptoms mirror exactly how Chris Monroe has been acting. They are as follows,

  • Constant Smoking
  • Excessive Smoking
  • Sleep Smoking
  • Uncontrollable Smoking

Holy smokes - Chris Monroe really has been eating insulation. I don't know how you help someone with this addiction, and frankly I don't care. I am just happy that I  was right about the contents of the bag. Another symptom is growing a second mouth for even more smoking, I think that is starting to come in now, I will share a picture soon. Until then, if Chris asks to see your attic, or any room with insulation on the walls - do not let him in.

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