It doesn't take much to answer the question of what the latest YouTube trend known as the "Condom Challenge" is. It's America's youth at its most idiotic -- plain and simple.

We're not sure where the "Condom Challenge" came from, but here it is in it's simplest form. You get someone really stupid, like the Taylor Swift fan in the video below, have them unroll a condom, snort it through their nostril and pull it out through their mouth.

Obviously, this moron, or any other moron willing to try it, is one poorly-timed gasp for air away from choking on a condom. By the way, dumbasses, those things are incredibly slippery. It seems weird to say it, but now we have to get the youth to stop using condoms... like this anyway. Way to go, America.

Hey, stupid. Don't try this at home. Seriously, you will probably die.

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