Well it looks like Facebook is making it just a little bit easier to relate to our friends on the internet.  As of right now, we can interact with our friends by liking, sharing, and commenting their updates.  What does the future hold though?

We've all seen the "My dog died," "My girlfriend is a cheating whore," and "I miss you ______! RIP" posts on Facebook.  Most of us hesitate to use the "like" option when we see these.  You never know how that person is going to take you liking that update.

Well have no fear, Facebook will soon be adding the "Sympathize" button to ease that awkwardness.  One of Facebook's software engineers explained that you will only be able to use this feature when a status comes with a negative emotion.  Find out more here.

Now that Facebook is starting to listen to the people, hopefully the mythical "Dislike" button will come next.