A lot of us are going to have a rough start on Tuesday after staying up to either celebrate (or drown our sorrows) after Michigan plays in the championship game tonight. In fact, there's a pretty good chance you're seeing this during the game.

Just remember, if you've already gone too hard to make it to work in the morning, there's no shame in defeat. Go ahead, start planning that call now. After all, it's not like Michigan makes it to the NCAA championship game every year. Your boss will probably be cool as long as you have a decent excuse. While we can't tell you what to say when making that fateful call, we do have some insight on what not to say.

According to prnewswire.com, employers offered up some of the most egregious fake excuses people have given them to get out of work in a recent survey and there are some real doozies. Please do yourself a favor and learn from these dum-dums. Come up with something better than these:

1. There's a bear in my yard and I'm afraid to leave.

2. My phone exploded and it hurt my hand.

3. There was a toothpick in the food I ordered and I accidentally ate it.

4. I broke my arm wrestling a female bodybuilder.

5. I got "fat" and now my uniform doesn't fit.

6. My dog ate my car keys.

7. I left my clothes at the laundromat.

8. I did not have enough gas to get to work.

9. I had to schedule an emergency manicure because some of my artificial nails fell off.

10. I'm not sure how the solar eclipse will affect me, so it would be safest to stay at home