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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer spoke with reporters earlier today about the restrictions that she's putting in place starting this Wednesday to combat the rise of COVID numbers.

According to NBC 25,  Whitmer says she has the authority to issue a second stay-at-home order to curb the spiking coronavirus if necessary, pointing to an epidemic-powers law her administration has used since a setback at the state Supreme Court.

While I'm all about coming together to try and get the numbers down, I really hope she doesn't use that "authority" to enforce another stay-at-home order. If that happens, gyms will close again along with salons, daycare and so many other businesses that we all rely on. That, of course, would be on top of the businesses that already have to shut down on Wednesday.

Under these new restrictions that start Wednesday, Michigan high schools and colleges must halt in-person classes, restaurants must stop indoor dining, movie theaters and entertainment businesses must close for three weeks.

I don't get why we have to shut down movie theaters again. I mean, I've been to NCG in Grand Blanc and there aren't that many people there to begin with, plus they do a great job keeping it clean and keeping customers separated. Theaters are struggling so much as it is already, this going to be a huge blow. This will be a huge blow to bowling alley's who are also barely staying afloat. It's just a mess all the way around.

Again, I understand that something has to be done to combat COVID-19, it just sucks that this is the only way until we can get a vaccine.  I sure as hell hope this works.

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