Warning, I do not recommend trying this at home. I have no idea if using a blow torch to remove snow is dangerous or brilliant - for all intents and purposes, I am going with dangerous.

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A St. Joseph, Michigan man has captured a lot of attention after posting a video of himself using a blow torch to remove snow. The video was posted on the In & Around St. Joseph community page. Full disclosure, when I saw that this video came from St. Joseph, I thought for sure it was my buddy Marty. It was not.

The man in the video is Steve Phenegar, an Army Engineer formerly of Las Vegas. Yes, there is a big difference between Las Vegas weather in January and January weather in Michigan. I honestly do not really know if this is indeed dangerous, but by the comments under Steve's video - I am going to guess not so much. In fact, people seem to be envious.

As it turns out there are quite a few YouTube videos of other people doing this exact same thing (see below). Not me. I am also the person who goes back into the house five times after leaving to make sure I turned off the stove. To say I am terrified of fire is an understatement. Nevertheless, you do you.

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