A group of rebels hit the streets of Lapeer to proudly fly their confederate flags before "O-Bam-uh shows up to take our flags, our guns and to gay marry us in a FEMA camp." 

Okay, so that wasn't a real quote, but this whole thing is getting ridiculous. Ever since the long-overdue and largely swept-under-the-rug debate about whether or not it's still appropriate to use the confederate flag in an official capacity reached fever pitch recently, people have been coming out of the woodwork to cry foul over what they feel is a violation of their freedom. I, for one, have had enough of these misguided bulls--- arguments.

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Let's Talk About the Flag for a Minute

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Are there good things that the confederate flag symbolizes? Absolutely. I understand that the South is proud of their history and that this flag is a part of that, but is also the same flag that represents the darkest and most shameful period in American history. We went to war with ourselves, mostly over whether we could own human beings or not. A version of that flag was carried by a majority the forces that were fighting for "states' rights," the biggest one of which being the right to keep their slaves. So don't tell me that it's completely ridiculous that people look at this flag and see racism. Maybe that's not why you like the flag, but it's not like this flag and racism are completely disconnected.

Why Do Michiganders Care?


Why are Michiganders so eager to defend this thing anyway? If they announced that we were switching our state flag to something else tomorrow, I have a hard time believing that the outrage would be anywhere near this level. This isn't our flag and a lot of people I've seen supporting the confederate flag aren't even from the South. So what is your reason for defending this flag? What does it mean to you? Are you defending it just because you see it as a strike against your freedom? Please explain how, because there are a lot of us that truly don't get it.

We Know That Taking This Flag Down Hasn't Ended Racism

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You can all stop making that ridiculous argument, because we all know lowering a flag doesn't end racism. Nobody is naive enough to think that's how it works. It's just like how they can pull 'The Cosby Show' reruns off of television, but it won't put a stop to rape. That is a 100% true statement, but no one with wants to be associated with a reminder of behavior that disgusting. Feel free to draw your own parallels between the two situations.

The Flag is Not Illegal

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The flag has not been made illegal. They just stopped flying it in front of a few government buildings and you can't buy one at Walmart anymore. They're not going door-to-door collecting your flags, "Back Off" confederate flag mud flaps, and assorted seasons of 'Dukes of Hazzard' on DVD. By the way, since when has anyone given a flying f--- about that show? No one has made it through a full episode of that in more than 20 years. No one is taking your flag and it's time you wake up and start pouring your energy into solving any of the very real problems this country has.

Calm Down, White People


There has been a lot of this attitude being shared online, which is perfectly reflected by the image above. In fact, I've seen this image shared by just about all of the same people crying about the confederate flag. Yeah, it's been a real rough ride for white, straight, gun-owning Southerners lately [please re-read that in the most sarcastic voice possible]. Here's the thing though -- you still have all those things. No one has taken your guns and they're not going to, even though it's time to seriously overhaul the current laws (in my opinion, obviously). The most alarming and offensive thing on here is the word "straight." I'm going to take a very small jump to the conclusion that that part is a shot at the recent gay marriage ruling. It's cute that you feel threatened by that, but other groups of people being granted basic freedoms doesn't take away your basic freedoms. Contrary to popular belief, straight people are still allowed to marry out of wedlock and divorce each other at alarmingly high rates. You know, just like the good Lord intended.

Stand for Something, but Know What That Something Is

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If you want to stand up to the man -- go for it. That attitude is sort of the whole idea that started America. Just make sure that you know why you're standing and what you stand for. If you blindly follow and don't know why -- don't be surprised when the rest of us think you're an idiot.