If you've ever been pulled over by the police, you might have seen them touch the back of your car before coming up to your window. You probably wondered to yourself, 'Why is this cop touching the back of my car?' but never had the guts to ask.

There's also a good chance you didn't even notice the police officer touching the back of your car. Maybe you have absolutely no idea what we're talking about, so let us explain.

It's not uncommon for a police officer to get out of their vehicle and approach yours, but instead of heading straight to your window, they will touch your tail light first.

According to The Law Dictionary, there are a few reasons why an officer will touch the back of your car during a traffic stop.

  1. Safety Check: By touching the back of the vehicle, officers ensure that the trunk is closed. An open trunk could pose a risk, as it might be used to conceal a person who could potentially ambush the officer.
  2. Leaving Evidence:  This action leaves the officer’s fingerprints on the vehicle. It helps establish a timeline and verify that the officer was present at the scene. This can help investigations if the car flees. It's a bit old-school, but it's still a tactic some officers use today.
  3. To startle the Driver:  Touching the car can also help the officer see how the people inside react. The sound and slight movement might make them do something that shows the officer if there's any danger or suspicious activity.

While the practice may seem a little outdated, some officers still do it. However, with security cameras, dash cams, and body cams, officers are pretty well covered.

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