Texas rockers Nothing More will return to Flint this Saturday and perform in front of a sold out crowd at The Machine Shop.

A question from many fans is whether or not the band will bring 'The Scorpion Tail' which is a 400-pound, 14-foot-tall instrument that catapults singer Jonny Hawkins into the air while manipulating in real time his vocals, as well as guitar and bass effects. The entire thing was built from metal scraps including salvaged cars and motorcycle parts.

With something of this size, it's would be impossible to fit the entire rig into The Machine Shop and place it on stage, however, they have figured it out in the past. Last time they were in town, they managed to get it on stage with it being only partially functional. I'm only guessing that this will be their plan this time around as well.

In the video above you can see how they built this badass piece of machinery.

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