If you are one of the millions of people that purchased a 'Snuggie' over the phone, you could be getting a refund. If you do indeed own a Snuggie, I am not judging. Who doesn't want to wear a blanket?

Reports indicate the refunds will be in the amount of roughly $33. Not a lot, but enough right? The money will certainly add up for Allstar Marketing Group. The marketing company will be shelling out $7 million in refunds. That's a tough and expensive lesson in false advertising. The refunds stem from a 'buy one Snuggie, get one free' campaign. As you can guess there were additional fees that consumers were not made aware of.

From what I understand, if you did order a Snuggie as part of this campaign - your check is in the mail. If you have additional questions or want more information please call 1-877-982-1294. Aren't you glad this article is not about a Snuggie recall? Feel free to slap on your Snuggie and move comfortably around your home.

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