Every relationship comes with its share of both good and bad times. When one of the people in the relationship confronts the other about their possible infidelity, there are many ways that that situation has played out, historically speaking. Stripping naked at a busy strip mall, however, is a new one.

That is what a 23-year-old Utah woman did over the weekend after accusing her boyfriend of cheating. That's right, she was so mad at her boyfriend for stepping out on her that she decided to get nekkid in front of all the mall shoppers right then and there. The incident took place in a busy strip mall outside out Salt Lake City on Saturday.

The woman said in a statement the reason why she went down to her birthday suit is that her boyfriend didn't want her anymore. She was then arrested for disorderly conduct and lewdness involving a child. Believe it or not, drugs were not involved in this case. Just a completely sober woman who thought getting naked in public would fix her relationship problems. Yikes.

Source: ksl.com

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