This past weekend a woman who clearly wasn't thinking climbed over a barrier and into a lion exhibit at a Zoo in New York.

In the video above you'll see the brainless ding dong waving her arms and dancing in front of the lion, just acting like a fool. It's obvious she thought she was funny and was showing off in front of her friends.

Technically she wasn't in any real danger because there's a moat that separates the lion from the public. All she did was climb over a small barrier to get to where she was standing. It's just the whole point of doing what she was doing that kinda pisses me off.

It's never the people that break the rules that get attacked, it's always the people that accidentally fall into an exhibit that ended up getting mauled. In this case, I'd be okay if she lost a finger or something. I don't want her to mauled to death but I'd like to see lose a limb or something just to remind her of her idiocy.

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