I absolutely love raw oysters but after hearing this story, I will rethink my next order. 

A Texas woman recently lost her life after consuming raw oysters on the Louisiana coast. She was out with family and friends and stopped off at a market, picked up some oysters, ate them and then became extremely sick.

According to WNEM, she contracted a deadly infection which was eventually diagnosed as vibriosis. It's a flesh-eating disease that made it difficult for her to breathe and she suffered severe wounds on her legs from that bacteria. Vibriosis can occur after someone eats raw or undercooked seafood, in this case...oysters.  She fought for her life for 21 days but ended up losing that battle.

It's kinda scary to think how you're rolling the dice when you eat raw oysters. Obviously, her case was extremely severe compared to others who just end up getting sick but you just never know.

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