There are some brutal ways to go out of this world but this has to be one of the absolute worst ways to go.

According to WDIV, a woman working at a processing plant in Pennsylvania recently lost her life after it's believed she fell into a meat grinder. Authorities aren't 100% certain she fell but it was either that or she got pulled in somehow.

The 35-year-old woman was apparently standing on a ladder next to the grinder which stands about 6 feet off the ground. Another employee was in the area and heard some commotion, that's when he realized what had happened and called for help.

I can't even imagine being one of the first responders and witnessing what had just happened. On top of that, they had to dismantle the machine to retrieve the woman's body.

Our hearts go out to her family who must be in total shock right now.

Source: WDIV


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