A woman (pictured above), walked into a local bank and withdrew thousands of dollars from an account that was not hers. Reports indicate the suspect used a fake ID.

The exact bank and or credit union was not named in the post that the Flint Township Police Department put on their Facebook page. What was posted were the pictures. The woman was in a silver Dodge Nitro.

My bank account has been compromised on two occasions. Both times my bank acted fast and my money was returned. That is not to say that it was not still frustrating. The first time it happened someone was using my money in California. Christ, get a job. I can't remember the specifics of the second time, but I have the same feeling - get a job.

Thieves are the worst of the worst. If you have any information that could help police find this thief, please call (810) 600-3270. Here is to hoping she is caught soon.

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