As soon as you saw this headline and picture of the clothing, I am guessing you thougth of at least one person you know who loves ranch dressing and would wear ranch dressing themed clothes. Most likely you thought of more than one person, or even yourself.

Ranch is king in the condiment world and now Hidden Valley Ranch is offering all of its loyal subjects summertime ranch dressing wear. This clothing really does look cool, and sure to be a great conversation piece at any summer gathering - 'Hey who' the dip in the Hidden Valley Ranch gear?' Wah Wah.

All kidding aside, I think this is awesome. I know my boyfriend would wear the swim trunks, the hat, the hoodie, and socks. I think you get the point, there is a lot of cool clothing for any ranch lover. As far as the ladies one piece swimsuit  - it is everything!

You can see all the clothing available from Hidden Valley Ranch, by clicking here. What a time to be alive. You can eat Hidden Valley Ranch and wear it too.


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