Located in Hazel Park, this new tiki bar is going for a laid-back beach vibe. The kind of beach vibe that you'd find in beautiful Key West.

Just because we live in Michigan and have to endure tons of snow and cold temps for months on end, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little of what Key West has to offer. Well, sort of.

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Earlier this month, Eastern Palace Club had its grand opening celebration. According to their Facebook page, it was a huge success. So much so that they even ran out of margaritas.

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I'll be honest, I didn't know a thing about this place until I noticed someone talking about it on social media. They quickly got my attention when they mentioned something about a Key West tiki bar in Michigan. I'm all about a tiki bar, regardless of where it's located.

I dig the idea of taking yourself away from Michigan's sometimes cloudy, cold, and depressing weather for a couple of hours to surround yourself with a tiki hut, tropical drinks, and beach vibes.

According to Metro Times, Eastern Palace Club has an aquarium with live fish, tables constructed from repurposed construction spools, tiki decor throughout the building, a projector that displays scenes from a beach on a wall, and it even has speakers playing audio of waves crashing. To top it off the bar has arcade-style games, including a Simpsons pinball game, Skee-Ball, a pool table, and more.

Eastern Palace Club
Eastern Palace Club

Where is Eastern Palace Club Located?

Eastern Palace Club is located at 21509 John R Road in Hazel Park.

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