This is a story of not learning your lesson after a mistake.  Well, that's not entirely fair, it's more of a lesson of forgetfulness and panic than anything else.

A few weeks ago, Zane gathered up a lot of brush from around his yard and collected it into his fire pit.  In a not completely thought out strategy, Zane had additional piles of brush scattered around the outside of his fire pit.  He lit the brush on fire in the pit and it quickly spread out of control and burnt up the surrounding brush.  The fire burnt out of control and almost lit some trees on the outside of his property line on fire as well.

This last weekend, Zane attempted another "controlled burn" of the remaining loose brush.  This attempt would also end in failure...  Listen below.

I'm running in to this fire to push it back.  That burns my face more, but it pushes it back.  I'm hyperventilating now and I'm breathing smoke. - Zane

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