Avenged Sevenfold are officially back! Hear the title track and first full song released from the new A7x album 'Hail to the King,' which is due for release August 27th, 2013.

It took a while for the band to get started up on their 2010 mega-hit album 'Nightmare,' but the wait is almost over. 'Nightmare' served as a transitional album for the band, being that it was the first album they completed without drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, who tragically and unexpectedly passed in late 2009. Although, in our interview with the band prior to the album's release, they said that despite his absence, it felt like the last album featuring "The Rev" because "his contributions in writing were about 100% with what they normally were."

The band has had an eventful 3 years since then. To sum it up briefly they: toured in support of 'Nightmare,' gave Mike Portnoy (who filled in on drums for the album and part of that tour) his walking papers, hired new drummer Arin Ilejay, recorded a pair of tunes for Call of Duty games ('Not Ready to Die' and 'Carry On'), took a year off and, finally, recorded their new album 'Hail to the King." That brings us up to today where, after a series of teasers, we get our first taste of Avenged Sevenfold's new music.

A7x promised a departure from what most would expect their new tunes to sound like, saying that they were more akin to Sabbath and Zeppelin than the Avenged of days past. 'Hail to the King' delivers on the promise of musical diversity, but the simple main drumbeat, chanting, power-chords and two-handed tapping combine for something more reminiscent of 80's hard rockers Scorpions... in a good way.

Avenged Sevenfold will release their sixth studio album 'Hail to the King' -- their first full length release featuring Ilejay -- on August 27th, 2013 and are currently doing several North American tour dates leading up to and beyond the album's release.