For those who were hoping to settle in and catch a fun night of college hoops between Notre Dame and Pitt, well, you got that, but you also were the recipients of a weird exchange between  Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas.  As the two discussed the “hot players” with Raftery suggesting that you have to “ride the hot player”, Raftery, then, in a manner much like the pilot in the cockpit scene from “Airplane” asks Bilas “Have you ever been ridden?” Bilas’ reply without skipping a beat “Never as a hot player”.  But the college hoops fun doesn’t stop there. No, it continues right here in Michigan with an overzealous tweet from MSU chaplain, Father Joseph Krupp who is a die-hard state fan, tweeted this in light of the big game between MSU and Indiana tonight. “Pray for the parents of Hoosier players tonight: they'll weep when they see what we've done to their children.” (Awkward Silence) Um, yeah, Needless to say, that tweet is all kinds of wrong. Guess we know who Sandusky’s new cell mate is going to be.


[Source: Yardbarker]