When Ben Affleck was announced as the next Batman, the internet was set ablaze with both hate and excitement. Now we finally get a sneak peek at Affleck in the Batsuit courtesy of the upcoming "Recut and Remastered" edition of his critically acclaimed 1997 film 'Good Will Hunting.'

Actually, this is a sketch from comedian Pete Holmes' upcoming show on TBS, which premieres October 28th. Pete does a number of impressions, most impressively, Christian Bale's Dark Knight. Perhaps his best work as Batman came in the video posted below, where he does an alternate take on the "big plot twist" of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' which you can see below. Seriously, the part about "last words" at about 2:08 in the clip has me in tears every time!

Sorry for the misdirection, but we'll just have to wait until 'Batman Vs. Superman' aka 'Man of Steel 2' hits theaters to see if Batfleck delivers. You can, however, see our list of pros and cons about the situation via the red buttons below... Ha! We said "red button." You'll get it in a minute.