Nuke Your B.O. With This Armpit Microwaver
Let’s face it bros, we stink. Like bad. We work, we play, and we sweat; it’s just life, ya know? But what if you could eliminate your sweatiness and body odor for a whole year? Would you do it? Well, now you can.
Need Some Extra Cash? Get a Job Sexting
Statistics show that 80 percent of college students engage in sexting, and a quarter of women in the more cougarish age bracket of 35-44 do it, too. That’s a whole lot of sexytalk flying around for free — until now. Welcome to paid phone sex for the modern age.
Kids Of Today Vs. 80’s Technology
Kids of today have it way to easy.  My three year old nephew knows how to use an Ipad, but that little booger eater would have no idea what to do with a tape deck.  Check out what happens when you give kids from today technology from the 1980's.
10 Best iPhone Games
If you asked Siri what the 10 best iPhone games were, she’d probably answer with a list that looks a little like this.

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