On the E! channel's 'Biggest Reality Scandals,' they brought up the death of Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr... but they didn't bring up his picture. Way to do your homework, a--holes!

You've seen this before -- when they showed Terry Crews' picture on the news while reporting Michael Clarke Duncan's death... when they paid tribute to Nelson Mandela with a picture of A-Rod. Mistakes happen in the news world. When it's done on a clip show that isn't live and, therefore, the producers have plenty of time to check their work it's just inexcusable and disrespectful.

Look below as they show Jerry Cantrell, the very much still alive guitarist/vocalist for Alice in Chains where they should have had video of Mike Starr. For the record, they got the name of every 'Teen Mom' and 'Jersey Shore' star correct earlier in the show. Way to screw up the facts about the only talented people you featured in the whole hour-long special, E!. You suck.

BTW, the show is still airing with this mistake.