Primus continues on in The Cockfight after a few surprising victories, but will they be able to survive the huge Flint-town following that Egypt Central has amassed this year. Tune in at 9p and find out if Egypt Central can 'Kick Ass' with their new single of the same name.

  • 'Kick Ass'

    Egypt Central

    Egypt Central ripped up the stage at this year's Dirt Fest. If you were there, you would know that Flint loves them some EC. It'll be interesting to see how their latest track, a testimonial on growing up in the ghettos of South Central Egypt, fares against oddball favs Primus.

  • 'Tragedy's a' Comin''


    I hate to say it because this song has grown on me considerably, but it looks like this might be the last night of Cockfighting for Primus. It will be tough to out-do Egypt Central, but Les Claypool has surprised us before. It's gonna be a tough week in the cocker no matter who wins, lets see if the makers of 'Pork Soda' can hold on for one more battle.

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