It's official, Egypt Central has called it quits. After a decade the band is saying farewell to most of their members and hello to the new moniker Devour the Day.

Egypt Central has issued an official statement confirming rumors that the band had come to an end. The band formed in October of 2002 and released two major label albums -- their self-titled debut and 2011's 'White Rabbit.' Despite some radio success with the title track from their most recent effort, bassist Joey Chicago broke the devastating news to fans via Facebook earlier today (December 3rd).

In the lengthy letter (which you can read in full below), Chicago tells fans that it would be a shame for the band to continue and "put some bull**** in front of your faces and to ask you to believe in it." He, along with drummer Blake Allison, will continue on under the name Devour the Day. He also expressed sadness over the fact that the other members did not wish to continue as Egypt Central and thanked all those who've supported the band over the years.

Fans who still have questions, of which we're sure there are many, can ask the rhythm section themselves during a live chat on Twitter tomorrow (December 4th) at 8pm ET  via @egyptcentral.

To the future…

I know that many of you have been wondering what has been going on with Egypt Central, where we have been, and what we have been doing. After ten long years of recording, touring and pouring out hearts out, it would be such a shame to try to push some bull**** in front of your faces and to ask you to believe it. I just do not want to do that. You mean too much and honestly it goes against everything EC was intended to stand for. The one real creed in which we inspired to live by, one that reveals itself as true in so many walks of life and situations that each and every one of us face, day-to-day, all over this broken planet: do not give up. No matter what the circumstance, there is hope.

Earlier this year, Blake and I were made aware that the remaining members of Egypt Central would not be continuing on with the band. The reasons varied and the way in which we were told was as much of a shock as we could have ever expected to hear. We were furious, sad and confused. I have EC tattooed on my skin, as many of you do, and for me it was not just a band, but also a real responsibility to all those who had supported us from day one and who were there when we needed them. The countless couches we have crashed on, the endless homemade meals and all of the other unexpected pieces of love we encountered over ten years of hard work. Blake and I stood in the debris of a life changing storm.

We refuse to let this be the end of our story. We have so many chapters left to write. As each door closes, a new one opens and Blake and I take it upon ourselves to redefine and evolve, to dissect and purify, to adjust and resurrect. We will seize the moment and risk all to complete our dream, the dream that all of you helped create. We will not waste the chances we have been given. We will live as if tomorrow is not guaranteed.

We will Devour The Day!

With love and thanks,

Joey Chicago

Egypt Central -- 'White Rabbit'