Everybody knows Flint, Michigan is a violent city.  It's been well documented and is all too real in the lives of young people in the city.  Some people just accept it as the reality this city faces, but others are doing something about it.

The Flint City Council meeting that was held on Monday, April 25th, was overwhelmed with dozens of Flint area youths, determined to make their voices heard regarding the obscene level of violence Flint has faced.  The call to action was organized on facebook and other social media sites, and was hoped to be a catalyst for positive change in Flint. The original story, by Kristin Longley, ran on mlive.com, and quotes Kyona Cook, 24,

“There hasn’t been a lot of attention on the crisis of our generation. We want to tell people our message, ‘Don’t talk about it. Be about it.’”

I understand this alone won't stop the murders going on in Flint.  But it's a step in the right direction, and these young citizens deserve to be congratulated for caring enough to speak up. City Councilman DelRico Lloyd met the crowd with the following advice,
“We’re only 18 hands up here… we can’t fix it on our own,” he said of the city’s nine council members. “There are 200,000 other hands in the community. Play your part and we’ll play our part.”