Metallica and Lou Reed. Everybody has been wondering how these two vastly different worlds would sound once they collide. Well, Lou Reed sounds like Lou Reed and Metallica sounds like Metallica. Hear a 30-second preview of the oil meets water collaboration here.

'Lulu' is the name of the forthcoming ten song project from 'Loutallica' and it will be available for purchase on November 1st. One of the strangest pairings in recent memory, 'Lulu' has been the subject of mass critical speculation -- and rightly so. The combination of Reed with Metallica is about as cohesive as Bob Dylan and Slayer -- two very distinct sounds that are very hard to imagine together.

As hard as Lou fronting Metallica seemed to imagine, it actually sounds exactly like you'd expect -- an old beatnik doing spoken word over Metallica riffs. We understand that the thrash metal pioneers want to pay respect to Reed, but really guys? This sounds like a waste of a decent song idea. Let's hope that Lou's contribution to the album is more musical and less vocal, although I somehow doubt that is the case.