A Michigan entrepreneur hopes to capitalize on his idea of selling caffeine-infused pastries across the country. Chris Bogdan says he established “Get Up and Go” after his six to seven dollar a day coffee and pastry habit nearly put him in the poor house.

Although Bogdan is apprehensive to give away his secret recipe, he says the process to make his caffeinated cakes, which come in flavors like double chocolate chip muffin, fudgy brownie, and cinnamon coffee cake, is very similar to how decaffeinated coffee is made.

Businesses that carry these products say the buzz is catching on. "People were a little hesitant at first because you're used to seeing caffeine in liquids, not necessarily in a solid form,” said Mujo’s Café manager, Kelly Christensen. “But once people tried them, they realized they actually worked.”

Get Up and Go has been working on distributing their speed fiend treats all across the nation. They are current available in Michigan, California and Texas, and a new Kickstarter campaign could push the product nationwide.

"The campaign is all or nothing,” said Bogdan. “So, if we raise the full $10,000,we get to begin manufacturing, and if not, then we don't get anything.”