Michigan Man Develops Caffeine Cakes for Speed Fiends
A Michigan entrepreneur hopes to capitalize on his idea of selling caffeine-infused pastries across the country. Chris Bogdan says he established “Get Up and Go” after his six to seven dollar a day coffee and pastry habit nearly put him in the poor house.
FDA Linking Deaths to 5-Hour Energy Drink [VIDEO]
Well start saying your goodbyes. If you are like me and practically everyone I work with, you have had a 5-Hour Energy drink. The FDA is reporting that thirteen deaths have been linked to the possible involvement of the caffeine kicking drink. It figures, something else we like could possibly kill u…
No Time To Drink Coffee? How About Inhaling It?
Millions of people cannot even begin their day without some form of caffeine. But wanting caffeine and making time for it are apparently two different things. Well, maybe not anymore.
A new product called AeroShot is now available in New York, Massachusetts and France. The product gives you a rush of…