Millions of people cannot even begin their day without some form of caffeine. But wanting caffeine and making time for it are apparently two different things. Well, maybe not anymore.

A new product called AeroShot is now available in New York, Massachusetts and France. The product gives you a rush of energy with no swallowing required. AeroShot is an inhaling device. Seriously? How lazy are we getting that we can no longer drink coffee?

Aero Shot is the brain child of Harvard professor David Edwards. According to the Daily Mail, each Aero Shot device offers consumers100 milligrams of caffeine powder and B vitamins in one blast and or inhale. Edwards claims people are looking for a quick and cheap buzz. That may be, but I enjoy a good cup of coffee. I like going to coffee shops.

AeroShot has not been approved yet by FDA. What do you think? Would you use AeroShot if you could purchase it in the state in which you live?